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    The information published in our database comes from various sources. This data and maintaining the site costs a lot.
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    Reduce time and effort by taking the info of your dogs from our database. I can write the code to fit seamlessly into your template.

    Static Data:
    Use the link above the pedigree to copy the HTML code of the pedigree with or without pictures.

    Dynamic Data:
    See some examples from the Settercity Kennel website:
    Miss Annie Details + Pedigree
    Mister Aiden Show Results
    A-Litter Vertical Pedigree

    To save you some of the countless hours needed to select the perfect mating partner for your English Setter you should go through the following steps.
    1. Detail View: Pedigree Analysis - COI & Ancestor Analysis - scroll down to Contributing Ancestors, to see, which dogs dominate. If available, you can see their Health Results.
    2. Pedigree View: Tab Vertical Pedigree - see health results of direct Ancestors AND their full siblings.
    3. Pedigree View: Tab Inbreeding Pedigree gives you a great overview about the inbreeding
    4. Pedigree View: Tab Offspring - see if this dog has already Offspring, and if there are entered health reports.
    5. Detail View Pedigree Analysis - List Sire Line

    1. Contact details you find on the contact us page.
    2. Fill in your data on the Pedigree Submit page.. This form generates an email for me to enter your data.
    3. Add a Comment on the dog's Detail Page.

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